A downloadable Atlas Z for Windows

This was made for the Ludum Dare 38

Every world is small enough if compared to a mech of sufficient size, right? With that question in mind, our team created a little experiment in the form of a space shooter in which you control a robotic version of the Titan Atlas that just keeps growing. In the end, it's just a little homage to mechs and explosions, full of references and the pacing of a trailer.

Also, we had to present it to some people, so we didn't activate player death with the demonstration in mind. We decided it'd be better if we left it that way because we wanted the result to represent our experience during our first jam.

Concept and design:

@tamuda23, @thiscantbeempty, @justgotmiiked


@thiscantbeempty, @aaronrugamagarcia, @justgotmiiked,




@tamuda23, @thiscantbeempty, @aaronrugamagarcia, @m_de_los_santos

Install instructions

To play, first unzip the file, and then open nw.exe


HyperspaceRobotAtlasZ.rar 98 MB

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